Reminder post: Sept 26-29 2013

Yet Another Reminder: Crossing the Thresholds is coming up soon! Register so we know what kind of budget we have to make this and future events happen! Share ideas for workshops, discussions, events for big kids and little ones. September 26-29 (Thurs-Sun), 2013, Four Quarters Farm.


Thresholds teaser photo post

All these words, but what does a Thresholds gather look like? That can be difficult to capture given the number of folks who are camera-shy for reasons personal and professional, but with respect and permission some of us try to catch what we can anyway. Here’s a small sampling of photos of people and the land from prior Thresholds, both Spring and Autumn.


Expanded FAQ

Expanded FAQ

The FAQ page for Crossing the Thresholds here on wordpress has been expanded to include some more basic information. Thanks to its original author Emma, Karen, and some editing by Willow. If you have questions that you don’t see on the list, contact us!

Registration is Live

Registration for Crossing the Thresholds 2013 is live! Pre-registration is $55 per person over the age of 12 (versus $65 at the gate with no pre-registration), kids are always free. The cost of registration includes reserving space on the grounds of Four Quarters Farm, including open camping sites and large covered gathering spaces for formal and informal events, parking, access to two covered out buildings with hot showers and flush toilets and path lights, and fuel for the generator that makes all those function. This is an outdoor camping event in the forest, but Four Quarters makes that as comfortable as they can.

We are accepting paypal if you have an account and wish to use it. We also accept cash at the gate, and prefer it in order to avoid processing fees so that all of your money can stay in the event and the farm. Either way, if you know you’re coming, please register as soon as you can so we can plan for the size and focus of event we’ll be running.

State of the Workshop List

The workshop list for Crossing the Thresholds 2013 is growing, with spinning lore and lessons, a potential sewing/knitting/craft circle, and word of a kids’ track. Yes, that’s right, after a decade and a half of Otherkin gathers at Four Quarters, there’s enough kids in this community to consider providing things for them to do in some organised fashion. Interested? Comment!

Current Events and Workshops List Includes:

  • Opening Ritual: Friday, given sufficient attendance: Open and define our space, set the schedule, welcome the newbies, explain the terrain and our hosts at Four Quarters’ Farm’s rules for its use.
  • Main Ritual: Usually Saturday evening, weather-dependent. See note for details. This will develop as we get closer to the event, and input is welcome.
  • Closing Ritual: Sunday as we pack up: Close the space, thank our hosts, practice our Leave No Trace principles, say goodbye to old and new friends, exchange contact information, make lunch plans in nearby towns, get a bit teary-eyed.
  • Preternatural Potluck: Lembas Bread? Hellfire Stew? Catnip mead? Bring a food unique to your culture! (As with many events today, a goodly number of folks at CTT have a strange and wondrous variety of unfortunate food allergies and restrictions. Bring an ingredients list if you can, too.)
  • (Unscheduled) Silly (non) human tricks: Do you have a hula hoop? Do you spin poi? Do you do tumbling or yoga or spar with shinai? Bring em! There is often a morning yoga group and lazy afternoons of hooping, poi, contact juggling, frisbee, sparring, and practicing other circus tricks, sometimes with informal classes.
  • Fox magic with our house kitsune, Jim (who is not Union).
  • (new)Spinning lore and lessons at the faerie caern, led by Lluvi.

Potential Events and Workshops:

  • Late-night Drum/fire dance circle. Bring your drums or just your feet.
  • Zen workshop by Mark Cat
  • Freak/Faerie Formal: Dress up as yourself or anything else you want, in your camping-proof faerie-ball finest.
  • Late-night Bardic Circle: story and music time. Bring an instrument, yourself, your tales, your songs. This may overlap well with the Formal.
  • Silly (non) human tricks classes? We’ve had contact juggling classes, tree/rock climbing adventures, yoga, etc. if you want to host something in a scheduled manner, go for it.
  • Tarot and divination systems: Rialian and several others read cards. Others delve into the symbol sets behind divination systems, and have grand long-term plans of putting together decks and systems of our own. Discussion? Card reading workshops? Tea leaves?
  • (new)Knitting/sewing/craft circle of some or no degree of formality.
  • What else do you want to do?

If you have an event you would like to run, Otherkin-focused or otherwise, or see an existing event you would like to contribute to, please comment here, use the ask feature at our tumblr page, or email one of the organizers (more contact methods and registration form coming soon!).



Crossing the Thresholds introduction and FAQ, on tumblr.

Crossing the Thresholds introduction and FAQ, on tumblr.

Workshops and Events page is live!

The workshops and events page where we’ll be building the outline of Official Things To Do at Crossing the Thresholds 2013 is live, with several events already in the works. Check it out, and please let us know what else you want to see!